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A vinaigrette is a small ornamental box containing smelling salts or aromatic vinegar soaked in an absorbent wad. They were used by both men and women at a time when the sewage system was not as effective as it is today! Deoderants were also non existant!

Antique silver vinaigrettes should always have a gilded interior and grill, thus preventing vinegar and the like from reacting with the silver. Opening the box will reveal a decorated grill which invariable has a right hand hinge. The wad would have been inside the box beneath the grill.

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0073 A George 1V sterling silver vinaigrette

by John Bettridge, Birmingham 1826.

Sales price: £325.00
0087. A silver vinaigrette - George 111. REDUCED.

by John Shaw, Birmingham 1806.

Sales price: £575.00
0095. A George 1V silver vinaigrette

by Thomas Shaw, Birmingham 1828.

Sales price: £195.00
0108. A pair of Tiffany silver scent flasks or vinaigrettes -Victorian. REDUCED

by John C Moore of Tiffany & Co., New York 1870-1875.

Sales price: £995.00

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