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Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837 at the age of eighteen and reigned for 63 years until hear death in 1901, which is longer than any other British Monarch.

In 1840 Victoria married her first cousin Prince Albert, with whom she had nine children. After his death in 1861, Victoria became very reclusive and went into deep mourning. However, in the latter half of her reign she once again embraced public life and her popularity with the British people was restored.

Queen Victoria\'s reign was marked by a great expansion of the British Empire, which witnessed great political, military, cultural and industrial change.

She was the last British monarch of the House of Hanover, and was succeeded by her son Edward VII.

We hope that you enjoy these beautiful pieces of antique silver from the Victorian era.

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0016. A Pair of Victorian hallmark silver bon bon dishes,

by the Atkin Brothers, Sheffield 1898.

Sales price: £295.00
0022. A silver sugar bowl - Victorian. REDUCED FROM £295.

by Charles Stuart Harris, London 1882.

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Sales price: £625.00
Sales price: £750.00
0030. A Victorian sterling silver cream jug

by Charles Stuart Harris, London 1899. SOLD

Sales price: £89.00
0034. A Victorian hallmark silver tea caddy. REDUCED.

by Richard Sibley 11, London 1864.

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Sales price: £799.00
0041. A Victorian silver sugar bowl (twin-handled)

by Robert Hennell 111, London 1843.

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Sales price: £875.00
Sales price: £995.00
Sales price: £325.00
0105. A Victorian silver sugar caster

by Job Frank Hall, London 1895

Sales price: £550.00
0108. A pair of Tiffany silver scent flasks or vinaigrettes -Victorian. REDUCED

by John C Moore of Tiffany & Co., New York 1870-1875.

Sales price: £995.00
0112. A Victorian sterling silver fiddle pattern sifter spoon

By Robert, James & Josiah Williams, Exeter 1852.

Sales price: £120.00
0138. A Victorian antique silver tea caddy. REDUCED

by George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, Chester 1897.

Sales price: £695.00
0167. A Victorian silver shaped oval snuff box.

by Nathaniel Mills. Birmingham 1851

Sales price: £750.00
Sales price: £495.00
0175. A Victorian antique silver wine ewer

by Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1863

Sales price: £1,995.00
0183. A Victorian silver-mounted glass inkwell

A Victorian silver-mounted glass inkwell by Charles & ...

Sales price: £395.00