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William IV

The third son of George III, William IV ascended the throne in 1830 aged 62. In 1818 he had married Princess Adelaide of Saxe Meiningen but their children never survived past infancy and in 1837 when William died his niece, Victoria, became Queen of England.

The antique silver pieces from the William IV period were some of the most elaborate and ornate, guaranteed to make a statement of wealth wherever they were displayed.

On this page you will see a William IV antique silver comport or fruit stand made by Robert Hennell 11 in 1834 and an antique silver teapot made by Paul Storr in 1835, both London silversmiths, that clearly demonstrate this extravagant style.

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0053. A pair of silver William IV sauce ladles

by William Eaton, London 1833.

Sales price: £165.00
0072. A William 1V silver teapot. REDUCED.

by Edward, Edward jnr., John & William Barnard, London 1832.

Sales price: £880.00
Sales price: £2,950.00
0143. A William 1V hallmark silver ladle

by John James Whiting, London 1836.

Sales price: £395.00
0158. A William IV antique silver teapot.

by Paul Storr, London 1835

Sales price: £3,750.00
0161. A William IV silver snuff box.

by Francis Clark, Birmingham 1832.

Sales price: £425.00
Sales price: £3,750.00
0168. A William IV silver Christening mug

by Benjamin Stephens, London 1837.

Sales price: £395.00