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George IV

George 1V was born George Augustus Frederick on 12th August 1762. Due to his father\'s mental illness, he served as Prince Regent from 1811 until he became King on the death of his father on 29th January 1820. He had always had a bad relationship with his father and gave little assistance to the government of the day who were embroiled in the Napoleonic Wars. (Lord Liverpool was Prime Minister for much of his reign)

George 1V lead an extavagant lifestyle, taking a keen interest in fashion and the arts. He commissioned John Nash to build the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, remodelled  Buckingham Palace and rebuilt Windsor Castle.

His decadent way of life bought him disrespect from his people and put the monarchy in a poor light. Taxpayers were angry at his wasteful spending on the arts in a time of war. He died at Windsor Castle on on 26th June 1830.

The Georgian silver salvers displayed by Warners Antique Silver dealers on this page clearly reflect the lavish lifestyle of King George 1V.


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0055 A silver George 1V sauce ladle

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0073 A George 1V sterling silver vinaigrette

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0082. A George 1V antique silver salver

by William Bateman, London 1822.

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0095. A George 1V silver vinaigrette

by Thomas Shaw, Birmingham 1828.

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0111. A silver sifter spoon (George 1V)

by William Chawner 11, London 1825.

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