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George II

George II was King of England between 1727 and 1760 ascending the throne aged 43. Controversy has always been associated with most of the Kings and Queens of England and many of them have done some weird and wonderful things.

What George II didn’t do was more remarkable since he chose not to be present at the funeral of his father, George I. Although it is not clear why he made this decision it could well be surmised that the will his father made annoyed him, whereby George I attempted to interfere with the Hanoverian line of succession.

Whilst flamboyant in his youth and renowned for the many mistresses he had, George II in later life was said to have three passions – music, his wife and the army. The beautiful pieces of silver made during his reign can be seen on this page.

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0008. A George 11 silver salver. SOLD

by Hugh Mills, London 1755. SOLD

Sales price: £385.00
0076. A silver George 11 salver. REDUCED.

by Dennis Langton, London 1735.

Sales price: £699.00
Sales price: £749.00
0091. A pair of George 11 sterling silver salts. SOLD

by David Field, London 1748. SOLD

Sales price: £495.00
Sales price: £899.00
Sales price: £295.00
Sales price: £2,995.00
0154. A George 11 silver salver.

by Robert Abercrombie, London 1732.

Sales price: £11,195.00
0157. A silver George 11 sauce boat.

by Henry Brind, London 1744.

Sales price: £875.00
0160. A George 11 silver tankard.

by Humphrey Payne, London 1739.

Sales price: £3,550.00
0164. A George 11 silver bowl.

by Samuel Taylor, London 1753. SOLD

Sales price: £455.00
0170. A George 11 silver sugar bowl with cover

by Thomas Whipham, London 1756.

Sales price: £2,475.00
0173. A George 11 small silver mug

by William Shaw and William Priest, London 1759.

Sales price: £575.00