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The two-handled cups displayed on Warners Antique Silver are sometimes referred to as porringers. There is some argument over the correct terminology, but porringer and caudle cup are the most favoured terms used by collectors.

Important developments took place in the early eighteenth century, when glass was preferred to sterling silver for drinking utensils. The two-handled cups then became more popular as presentation pieces and hence started the gradual transformation into the trophy cup

A silver cup (two-handled) - George V

by Nathan & Hayes, Chester 1911. SOLD
£595.00   |   Info   | 

An Edwardian silver cup (two-handled)

by Daniel & John Welby, London 1902. SOLD
£495.00   |   Info   | 

A silver cup (three-handled) - Edwardian

by Elkington & Co., Birmingham 1907. SOLD
£695.00   |   Info   | 

A George 11 silver tankard

by Humphrey Payne, London 1739.
£3,750.00   |   Info   | 

A William IV silver Christening mug

by Benjamin Stephens, London 1837.
£395.00   |   Info   | 

A George 111 silver mug

by Thomas Whipham, London 1770
£875.00   |   Info   | 
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