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 When thinking of buying a salver, a collector might find some difficulty in distinguishing between a salver and a waiter and the following might be of interest:

In general terms, a salver is a tray without handles,and if the diameter of the piece is under 7 inches (18 cm), it might alternatively be described as a waiter;

In the realms of antique silver, \"salver\" is the correct terminology whether referring to waiter or salver.

A George 11 silver salver

by Hugh Mills, London 1755.

Sales price: £549.00
An Edwardian antique silver salver

by Walter & Charles Sissons, London 1903.

Sales price: £625.00
A pair of George 1V silver salvers

by Edward, Edward jnr., John & William Barnard, London ...

Sales price: £1,495.00
A George 111 silver salver

by Thomas Hannam & Richard Millls, London 1764.

Sales price: £695.00
A silver George 11 salver

by Dennis Langton, London 1735.

Sales price: £795.00
A silver salver - George 11

by John Swift, London1756

Sales price: £865.00
A George 1V antique silver salver

by William Bateman, London 1822.

Sales price: £1,495.00
A silver salver - George 111

by John Cormick, London 1771.

Sales price: £685.00
A silver George 1V salver

by Hyam Hymas, London 1827.

Sales price: £995.00
0118. A silver salver (George 111)

by William Bennett, London 1819.

Sales price: £795.00
0154. A George 11 silver salver

by Robert Abercrombie, London 1732.

Sales price: £1,595.00