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Cream jugs

A Victorian sterling silver cream jug

by Thomas Hayes, Birmingham 1897.

Sales price: £149.00
A Victorian antique silver cream jug

by George John Richards & Edward Charles Brown, London 1857.

Sales price: £115.00
A Victorian sterling silver cream jug

by Charles Stuart Harris, London 1899. SOLD

Sales price: £89.00
An Edwardian sterling silver cream jug

by the Miller Brothers, Birmingham 1905.

Sales price: £195.00
A matched silver sugar bowl and silver cream jug (George 1V)

by Jonathan Hayne (cream jug) & Thomas Wilkes Barker (sugar ...

Sales price: £695.00
A George 111 silver cream jug

by Walter Crisp, London 1770.

Sales price: £695.00
A silver George 111 cream or sauce boat

by JS (unidentified -see Grimwade 3685), London 1771.

Sales price: £499.00
0145. A George 111 antique silver cream jug.

possibly by George Cowles, London 1806. SOLD

Sales price: £180.00