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Antique silver wedding gifts show elegance and wealth

Thursday, 04 July 2013

Antique silver dealers the world over will agree – there are very few things more special than receiving a piece of antique silver as a gift. The fact is that, whilst silver dealers know differently, to the average person, any kind of silver is deemed to show class, elegance and wealth.

Whilst these statements aren't necessarily true, it is almost factual that knowing something is silver automatically adds worth to it for the recipient.  Antique silver dealers know that the worth in a piece of silver is defined by the age and condition of the item, its hallmarks and in some cases by the silvermaker who made it.

Generally speaking, antique silver items can be given for important occasions – primarily weddings, anniversaries and christenings. It's not uncommon for newly-wed couples to receive silver cutlery or piece of silver that can be used in the home as a gift, which signifies the coming together of two people who want to live together for the rest of their lives. Something to indicate that a home has now truly been made. Whilst these ideals may seem outdated and strange in today's world, and not something we would outwardly say, tradition still runs strong. While silver in itself is a lovely wedding present, antique silver adds that special something; age. It has proven that it can withstand the test of time and still be useful, and so in a sense it symbolises the whole meaning of marriage.

As a gift for a wedding anniversary, this can be a bit trickier, especially if you come from a family who tend to follow tradition. Anniversaries generally have traditional gifts that go with however many years the marriage has lasted, so for example, a first wedding anniversary traditionally is marked by paper gifts, a twelfth anniversary by silk or linen gifts, a fortieth anniversary warrants ruby gifts, but in the case of silver, it's the twenty-fifth year that coincides with that. After this specific length of time, it is deemed traditionally suitable for married couples to receive all kinds of silver as presents, including antique silver. If you do wish to purchase some silver for the happy couple, Warners antique silver dealers will be more than happy to help you choose precisely the right gift.

We have a variety of silver salts, goblets, salvers, baskets, fruit bowls, tankards and much more all of which would make much appreciated silver wedding gifts.

Can we suggest an ideal gift - one for each partner? The elegant pair of Georgian silver tea caddies displayed are by William Vincent, London 1774.

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