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Warners Antique Silver News

Christmas Sale

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Would you like to give a really superb Christmas present this year? Antique silver doesn't have to be too expensive, and just to give you a little added incentive we are offering 10% off all our antique silver until the New Year.

Please give me a call or contact me through the website and I will adjust the price accordingly on any piece of antique silver - be it Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian or modern.

I hope you find a suitable piece of antique silver that would make a stunning gift for your loved one this Christmas,

Look no further than Warners Antique Silver to find that exclusive piece of silver - not just for Christmas but for Christenings, special birthdays and weddings as well.

This gorgeous Victorian silver swoing-handled basket is discounted to just £355.50.


Pear-shaped Coffee Pots

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Pear-shaped silver coffee pots were popular in the last half of the 18th century. The George 111 antique silver coffee pots currently displayed on the Warners Antique Silver website are of plain form.

If you should come across a Georgian antique coffee pot which has been chased, you should ensure that the decoration is original. It is quite often the case that chasing has been applied in Victorian or Edwardian times.

An antique silver coffee pot can only pour properly if the spout has been set no lower than the middle of the pot. If a low spout it is likely that the coffee will be sludgy rather than smooth!

A beautiful and perfect wedding present perhaps? 

Click on the link below to see full details of this handsome George 111 antique silver coffee pot by William Skeen. London 1764.


Tasty Tea Caddies

Monday, 09 November 2015

The name caddy comes from the Maly word cati. Tea was actually sold by the cati, which represents a weight of 0.5 kg.

Caddies originated in the late 17th Century in the reign of King William 111, but they were rare at that time due to the high cost of tea.

Tea caddies became more popular as tea becme cheaper during the 18th century when George 1, George 11, George 111, George 1V, William 1V and Victoria were on the throne. As the tea became cheaper, tea caddies naturally became larger!

Early Georgian examples would normally be oblong in shape and have a pull off cylindrical lid. The lid would serve as a measure for the tea.

The antique silver tea caddy displayed here is one of many on the Warners Antique Silver website. Anyone for tea? Click on the link beneath the tea caddy for full details


Antique silver with engraved crests

Thursday, 27 August 2015

As antique silver dealers we occasionally come across pieces of silver, such as tankards, cups, silver tea caddies among many other items that are engraved with coats of arms or crests. Identification of these engravings can be time consuming but we thought our readers might be interested in the significance of heraldry. 


We seem to have moved into an age of “ban everything” and whilst I am in favour of many things that should be banned including the killing of all elephants for their ivory tusks it seems that some madness is about to sweep America.


Tea is something we take for granted nowadays and it is widely available either loose or in teabags coming in a variety of flavours. 

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