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Antique silver with engraved crests

Thursday, 27 August 2015

As antique silver dealers we occasionally come across pieces of silver, such as tankards, cups, silver tea caddies among many other items that are engraved with coats of arms or crests. Identification of these engravings can be time consuming but we thought our readers might be interested in the significance of heraldry. 


We seem to have moved into an age of “ban everything” and whilst I am in favour of many things that should be banned including the killing of all elephants for their ivory tusks it seems that some madness is about to sweep America.


Tea is something we take for granted nowadays and it is widely available either loose or in teabags coming in a variety of flavours. 


15th Century Silversmiths

Wednesday, 05 August 2015

If you had visited a nobleman’s banqueting hall in the middle Ages it would be more than likely that you would have seen an impressive dresser on which there would have been a wide variety of silver and gold items. 


In England, if we say that someone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth, we generally infer that their wealth is inherited rather than worked for.  It is not a very nice expression meant to be disparaging with the connotation that he or she is undeserving or not appreciative of their prosperity. 


Silver in business

Monday, 20 July 2015

Having recently had a drink with an interior design friend of mine, I was rather surprised to learn that colours are not just used as part of the decoration around their themes.

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